About Cobblers

“Every song is an absolute killer…They’re terrific” – (Dermot O’Leary, BBC Radio 2)

“One of the best new discoveries I’ve made” – (Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music)

“What a fantastic discovery” – (Bob Harris, BBC / legend)

People always ask me how Cobblers began.  So, if you’ve got a few minutes, I shall try and cut a long story short….

Chapter One
It all started back in 1988 on the day my brother was born.

Clutching my new TinyTears doll, (a gift that my parents had bribed me with to avoid ‘new baby envy’)  I skipped into the hospital and peered inquisitively into Matthew’s cot.  I expected him to cry or at least do some kind of baby dribble, but instead, he let-out seven consecutive, perfectly tuned notes, in the key of G minor.  I knew, right then, in that maternity ward, that two decades later….BAM!….we would definitely form a band*

Chapter Two
Skip forwards two years.  Matthew, now a dribbling, crawling, toddler… bumps (most likely literally) into a tiny wide-eyed boy called Tom.  They click instantly,  (not their fingers, they don’t learn that till chapter 4) and spend the next couple of decades making gigantically dangerous skate ramps in our back garden, “bases” out of big cardboard boxes and recording ridiculous films over my one-and-only VHS tape of me as a bridesmaid (I’m not bitter at all.)

Chapter Three
Matthew, Tom (my now surrogate pain-in-the-neck brother) and I started Keston Primary School, where, as happenstance has it, we all started learning the trumpet, we played regularly, we were relatively rubbish, but all the Mums clapped and that made us happy / play louder.

Chapter Four
We soon joined the local Youth Orchestra (because we wanted to spend our Saturday mornings spending money in the tuck shop and practicing scales) but it turned out to be pretty damn cool.  At the back of the room, elevated above the whole entire band was the biggest, most elaborate drum kit you have ever seen. I’m talking – timpany, those bells that hang down and sound like waterfalls, etc etc… and behind them was the one and only – Harry Stasinopoulos – smashing it (quite literally).  I am still, to this day, totally in awe of how Harry can hit so many things at the same time, and still look cool.

Chapter Five
If I remember correctly, it was one summer’s day that Matt suggested we start a band.  So we did.

Matt had stumbled across a rather peculiar but ingenious tale of a Cobbler who had lived locally a couple of hundred years ago.  He had played the violin in the local tavern, to lament the sadness of the lack of business coming in.  Soon, villagers from all around had joined him to make music and dance.  Then, ‘hey-presto’ – all that dancing made people’s shoes wear out!  The Cobbler was pretty chuffed.

We really liked the Cobblers story, so we thought we’d bring back the Cobblers’ Club – shoes and all.

Chapter Six
This chapter is devoted to the wonderful people that have played in Cobblers over the years.  You might see them sneaking into our old photos sometimes!  There was Dan Slade, our first incredible tuba player.  He snuck into Cobblers to save the day when my fingers were too small to play the electric bass guitar part that Matthew had originally written for me.  Then there was Dan T, our first brilliant drummer, who is now an esteemed architect!  Matt K, who also tooted his Tuba for a while.  Then there was Helen, our wonderful fiddle player.  You chaps are four in a million.

Chapter Seven.
As previously mentioned in the last chapter, we were lucky enough to have a tuba player in the band.  Feeling rather smug about this fact, we were all left aghast when Dan Slade suddenly left us for a better life in China!

So, the hunt began to find a replacement.  Little did we know that the substitute would come in the form of a beautiful and feisty teeny-weeny lady called Bethan, who would blow-our-socks off when she came to show us her ‘ninja tuba’ moves. We all fell in love with her, and her tattoos and bright red lipstick ensued.  Yes. Bethan Ecclestone, you win!

Chapter Eight.
So that just about takes us up to now!  We’ve had a pretty incredible four years, stuffed with musical madness  – sold out tours, sessions at the BBC, interviews, festivals, and travelling round the world playing music.  The one thing we just cannot forget, is you….the movers and shakers who dance at our gigs and clap “at a SONG – we’ve LITERALLY – MADE – UP!” (I still can’t get over this fact!) You have bought our records, worn our t-shirts and made us very happy indeed.  So, get your faces on, shoes off and we’ll hopefully see you at a show sometime soon, you wonderful things.

THE END.  (or the beginning)

Love Jules.  xxx

*some facts are embellished ever-so slightly!

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  1. If The Cobblers story is to be told in chapters then it’s going to be A Mighty Huge Book. it will be longer than a thesaurus and infinitely more enjoyable!!

  2. See u tomorrow in Munster just around the corner from where we live. Cannot wait.
    Welcome to beautiful Munster. Make sure you look around the city centre. ..

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  4. Dear Julia,

    Just got back from Wildfire, the most magical weekend of my life (I was a volunteer, picked up rubbish and still had the best time).

    Had a chance to talk to your mother and learned about how you have put your heart and soul into creating this camp and I just have to say that I am in awe of you, and deeply grateful for all your hard work, commitment, and creativity. I was able to meet the most incredible people and I was able to leave with my heart full of love and happiness. I will now be the Cobblers forever fan and cannot wait to see what happens next.

    Love, the happiest camper,

  5. Saw you for the first time ever on the telly at the Belladrum festival. Nice tunes 🙂

  6. Thank you for today!!!
    I loved my first live recording with you at BYMT!
    Thanks for the autograph and selfie! 🙂
    You’re one of my favourite bands and I love your website!!
    PS I’ll try and see you in London on the 28th of October!!

  7. Been listening since your songs ever since I heard you in the Youtube series by Ross Noble called “The Sit Down Tour” where he was riding the millionth Triumph bike through Britain (yes, I have a Triumph myself).
    Finally got to see you live yesterday in “De Singer” in Belgium and loved every part of it! It was a fantastic evening and I am now hoping to catch you guys live again sometime.

    Love from the Netherlands,


  8. I saw u last night at Folkestone had a brill time listening to your songs your new cd is very good have a good tour see u soon. eddy x

  9. Saw you supporting Bellowhead last night – you guys are really something! I hope you will be coming to play in Oxford sometime soon.

  10. Love it , Love it!
    Saw you in Harrogate as Bellowhead support and fell instantly under the spell. There is AHAB, Mumford and Sons, and Noah and the Whale all wrapped up in a brilliant, new and exciting package. We will definitely be seeing you again!
    Great stuff, people!

    Lizzie & Tug

  11. Guess I just bumped in to you by chance the other night in Llandudno , and on a windy rough night a new sparkle entered my conscience and I’m looking forward to the journey . Thanks to the folk that are the Keston Cobblers Club . Love and respect

  12. My husband and me went to Wimbledon to see Bellowhead farewell tour and discovered your band. Brought the CD and play it all the time in the car. Love it

  13. Enjoyed seeing you in Kendall last Saturday, we didn’t know a thing about you but just took a punt as we were in the area – came away with a CD and am listening to you know on youtube.
    But please can you confirm my husband and my question to ourselves as to whether we had to travel all the way to Kendall to discover you? – we only live in Bromley! (Well Penge actually but in the borough) – do you come from, THAT Keston in Kent?

    Hope you do then we can support you locally.

  14. When are you coming to Canada? We have lots of folk festivals here and great venues. Kate Rusby came a couple of years ago and I got to see her for the second time since I left the UK in 2004. Love your music. It’s so different and always makes me smile.

  15. Hi everyone, just noticed you are touring again
    Great stuff. Saw you for the first time this year at the brewery arts Kendal. See you in Liverpool, though would have been nice a bit closer, but beggars can’t be choosers.

  16. Saw you at apple affair, also played before and after you with another band. Kept thinking maybe I should lock the drummer away so you’d need a replacement 😉
    You guys are awesome. Will try and get to a few of your shows.
    Don’t worry harry, I’ll not harm you! Mwah ha ha haaa (evil bond villian maniacal laugh there)

  17. Please come tour in the United States, preferably Indianapolis, we love you here!

  18. Since the first time I saw you (supporting Bellowhead in Portsmouth) I have absolutely loved all of you and your music. I have seen you 3 times since Bellowhead. Swanage Folk festival, West Dean gardens apple affair and Grayshott folk club. I love you and your music more each time (if that is even possible!) . Thank you for making such amazing music and generally being such amazing people xx
    Hannah x

  19. And I wanted to say thank you to Jules for the postcard at Grayshott xx

  20. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Since the first time I saw you (supporting Bellowhead in Portsmouth) I have absolutely loved all of you and your music. I have seen you 3 times since Bellowhead. Swanage Folk festival, West Dean gardens apple affair and Grayshott folk club. I love you and your music more each time (if that is even possible!) . Thank you for making such amazing music and generally being such amazing people xx
    Hannah x
    Also I wanted to say thank you to Jules for the postcard when I saw you at Grayshott xx

  21. Discovered your songs these days on AmazonMusic and immediately fell in love with them. Amazing!
    Come and visit southern Bavaria on a tour, you would be very welcome!

  22. Keston Cobblers Club play The David Hall – cultureroar
    […] In their own words… […]

  23. Excellent concert at Ashford on Saturday. So impressed with your musicianship, the variety of instruments played & your sheer exuberance – thanks for a great evening.

    (Delighted to see the uke still prominently featured – lots of love from The Headcorn Ukulele Group.)

  24. Went to your gig at Exeter Pheonix last night, Thank you for bringing joy, fun and light to rather crap time love it G

  25. A new discovery for me, heard and saw these lovely people at Smoked and Uncut near Bath yesterday. It was raining much of the afternoon, but their lovely upbeat sound made as all feel so much better and even got the dancing going. Yes, people dancing in cagoules…only in England

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